Mini Bible College

How To Use MBC

The Mini Bible College curriculum consists of 4 major components:

Audio Lessons: These are easy to understand lessons, ideal for small group or individual study. Some languages are Audio-only, particularly where the literacy rate is low.

Leaders Guides: These are booklets designed to help those leading groups that are studying MBC together. The first chapter of any course contains extra information just for the leader, followed by a series of questions for small group discussion. The Leaders Guides include answers marked in bold.

Student Workbooks: These are booklets designed to guide Students of MBC through each lesson. They contain a short synopsis of the lesson and the main scripture verses used, plus the same questions as seen in the Leaders Guide (The answers are not marked in the Student Workbooks).

Study Booklets: The Study Booklets are provided as additional background material and commentaries for group leaders. These booklets do not follow the exact same flow as the Audio lessons, but the information within is valuable and enriching to help your study of the Bible. The best way to use Study Booklets is to read them as a commentary on an entire course (for example, Genesis-Exodus, or Sermon on the Mount).

What about the Bible? Many people ask MBC for a list of Bible chapters and verses that can be read before each lesson. This Study is not a verse-by-verse Bible study, but often uses material from an entire book in a single lesson. The best way to read the Bible with MBC is to read for the entire course that you are studying. For example, when studying the New Testament Course ""Acts-Romans," set out to complete the reading of both of those books in the time it takes you to listen to all of the Audio Lessons.