Mini Bible College


The Mini Bible College (MBC) is a complete survey of the Bible, plus additional teachings on the Sermon on the Mount and on Family and Marriage topics. Taken together, these lessons serve as the core curriculum for nurturing believers and assisting the spiritual growth of the Church worldwide through International Cooperating Ministries (ICM).

To use MBC, listen to the audio lessons and read/download the corresponding student workbook lesson that contains study questions to help you learn. We also include the corresponding Leaders Guide lesson, which has the answers to the study questions. For further reading, please read our Study Booklets, offered at the Course level, that offer more commentary on each group of lessons.

Download our brand new Foundations by ICM mobile app on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Pastor and teacher Dick Woodward wrote and developed this study with a unique approach that makes the scriptures come alive, cutting through denominational and cultural boundaries. This Bible study program provides a devotional approach to the scriptures and is easily understood by both the uneducated and educated.