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Book Description

The Holidays – and Christmas in particular – bring a jumble of emotions that range from joy to sadness and despair. Dick Woodward provides some Christ-centered healing by looking at three perspectives of the season.15 pages.

Prescription for Prayer

Book Description

When Jesus' disciples said, "Lord , teach us to pray,". He responded by giving them what the world knows today as "The Lord's Prayer". The seven short petitions that comprise that prayer are probably the most often memorized and most deeply revered  words in  all of history. And yet many people pray those words without realizing their power to transform our pray lives into dynamic and intimate times of communion  with God. In a Prescription for Prayer, Pastor Dick Woodward explains how we can move from selfish prayers of "give me" to Christ-centered prayers of "use me". Read A Prescription for Prayer to revolutionize your prayer life!