Mini Bible College


MBC isn't just a Bible Study. Behind every MBC Study is a person with a Story. Here are some of those stories from people just like you around the world who have experienced new life and understanding through the teachings of MBC.


We are thankful to the Lord for the MBC Program.We were fortunate to have the program.This program has improved our knowledge in the Bible.We have invited other pastors from… read more

From a prisoner who corresponds with MBC

May God bless you. I am an inmate in a state prison. I’m writing to tell you that I came across your Old and New Testament handbooks tonight and am very excited about what… read more

Pastor in Andhrapradesh

I am a pastor in India state of Andhrapradesh. I like your ministery and I teach the word of God. read more

God Saved Me in Uttar Pradesh

I came from a non-Christian family. I pursued all religious practices and rituals but did it half-heartedly, for the sake of my family. As my surname Tiwari suggests, I am from an… read more

MBC Listener in India

I came from a non-Christian family. I was a staunch and rigid follower of my religion and always wanted people to honor me for my faith. I received what I wanted, honor, from the… read more
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