Mini Bible College


MBC in Peru

Thank God the BCP- Peru office, this past period , has purchased the materials in order to supply material at the right time, good quality and the request of the lessons of IBA (MBC) , for this we have acquired two professional copiers , one Anilladora , a machine for spiral binding , laminator and all materials needed to build and make any lesson from the IBA , as requested by any Church sponsored as well as non- sponsored .
We also wish to inform you that most of the congregants of Temple are Quechua speakers , for that reason my plan is to translate the lessons of IBA (MBC) to the Quechua language of Peru.
In the department of Abancay , Brother Carlos having a ironworks, and has donated a plot of 300 m2 to build a Bible Institute . We are coordinating to be destined for IBA and Pastor Miguel Chavez , owner and driver of Restoration 1060 AM radio this with every desire to pass the lessons of IBA (MBC) on his radio.