Mini Bible College


Story from India

Sister Sarita Devi is 53 years old. Earlier she was worshiping Hindu gods and goddesses. She was living without peace in her life. Her husband was suffering from epilepsy therefore he use to fall down on the roadside due his sickness. He went to many Doctors, and took many medicines, but he did not get any kind of relief. One of our pastors visited this village and conducted a prayer meeting beside of her home. Sarita participated in the prayer meeting with her husband. After the prayer meeting she spoke to the Pastor and shared about the family problems and sickness of her husband. Then the Pastor called both of them and shared the word of God, and prayed for her husband for the healing of his sickness. After listening to the Gospel both husband and wife believed and kept their faith on Lord Jesus and started to attend the regular prayer meeting. So praise God her husband has been healed through prayer. Now her whole family believes on Jesus and are regularly listening to MBC and growing in Jesus faith.