Mini Bible College


MBC Listener in India

I came from a non-Christian family. I was a staunch and rigid follower of my religion and always wanted people to honor me for my faith. I received what I wanted, honor, from the people, which made me very proud. I was fulfilling all the rituals and I always thought that with all these practices, I am a holy person because my sins are washed away. But one evening, while I was listening to the radio, I tuned in for another station, it tuned to your program. The preacher explained that everyone is a sinner and only by the blood of Jesus Christ, sins of the man can be washed if one accepts Him as his personal savior and ultimate master (John 3:16). He gave several illustrations from the Bible and of other historians. After
listening to this program, I had a unique experience and could not understand why I was inclined to the teachings. But the word of God started taking deep roots in my heart as I became a regular listener of this program. And a day came when I repented for my deadly sins before Jesus and accepted Him as my personal saviour. After accepting Jesus, I faced lots of persecution from my family side but Lord gave me strength to stay strong in my faith.
Today I share my testimony with others and encourage them to listen to your broadcast, Ved Patshala.
Pray for my family that they also may experience the unique love of Lord Jesus Christ, like I did.