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God Saved Me in Uttar Pradesh

I came from a non-Christian family. I pursued all religious practices and rituals but did it half-heartedly, for the sake of my family. As my surname Tiwari suggests, I am from an orthodox family. I was an ambitious student with many dreams and all I did was with zest to accomplish it. I desired to live a luxurious and prosperous life and had my family could afford it. One evening, I was listening to songs on the radio and when the program got over, I began to tune into another station and struck upon your Ved patshala program. I believe it was God's plan for me to listen to the program as what I heard was touching. The message was based on the fact that man’s future is in the hands of God and only He knows every moment of our life and even the number of hair on our head. I began to meditate on what I had heard that evening. I was convinced that God is all powerful and began to listen to the program intently.
As I continued listening to the teachings from the Bible, I began to realise that God was preparing me to be His witness. There was no way I could hold back any longer and gave my heart to Jesus. He became my Saviour! I committed my life into His safe and loving arms. I thank Jesus for providing me a feeling that I could call Him my heavenly father. Today I witness Him through what He has done in my life. Thanks to your team for providing such an effective program on radio. I encourage others also to tune in to this radio broadcast.