Mini Bible College


MBC isn't just a Bible Study. Behind every MBC Study is a person with a Story. Here are some of those stories from people just like you around the world who have experienced new life and understanding through the teachings of MBC.

Are you Happy?

I was not a good man but one day I heard voice from the radio asking “Are You Happy?" I listened to the whole program and from then onwards I realized that I am on the wrong… read more

Now I know God

I did not know the real and true God but the MBC Ved Pathshala radio program led me to know the real and true God who reigns in heaven and earth forever. I realized the love of God… read more

Healed and Set Free

Brother Kumar was 29 years old and was troubled from nose bleeding. He consulted many doctors and taken medicines, but did not get any kind of relief. Then he started to regularly… read more

Story from India

Sister Sarita Devi is 53 years old. Earlier she was worshiping Hindu gods and goddesses. She was living without peace in her life. Her husband was suffering from epilepsy therefore… read more

MBC in Peru

Thank God the BCP- Peru office, this past period , has purchased the materials in order to supply material at the right time, good quality and the request of the lessons of IBA… read more
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